New year, new start, new you. 

Want to lose weight? First question, how much do you need to lose? If, like me, you have piled on a few pounds over Christmas you do not need to consider yourself as having to start a diet. All I am going to do is start eating sensibly again. Cut down on calories through the week, eat normally at weekends and take out the dog for a few more longer walks than usual. I might even put on an exercise DVD,  god knows, I have plenty of them. The secret with exercise DVDs is, buy ones that you think you will actually enjoy and buy a selection. If you keep doing the same one you will soon get bored. It is the same with any form of exercise, only do activities that you will enjoy. 

If you need to lose a lot of weight, don't be disheartened. Set realistic goals. Most importantly, lose weight gradually so that you ward off the loose skin effect. You do not need to drastically cut calories or embark on an army style exercise regime. Just up your level of activity on a weekly basis. You could even try out a few exercise cheats, they do work as I have tried many of them over the years. 

Good luck and I will keep you posted on my new years activities.